We're So Saintly, We're So Heavenly, We're the Class of 1970!

Senior Class Superlatives

Best All Round:  Bill Keesler and Kathy Lomas

Personality:  Ty Saltzgiver and Nancy Price

Wittiest:  Robin Buckley and Carol Cherry

Best Looking:  Blake Graeber and Nancy Taggart

Friendliest:  Timmy Helms and Jeannie Ballentine

Most Talented:  John Hovis and Jane Galloway

Best School Spirit:  Mike McDowell and Kym Fowler

Best Student:  John Caldwell and Jill Ferguson

Most Courteous:  Bill Archer and Beverly Upton

Most Athletic:  Joe Thompson and Amy Harmon

Most Likely to Succeed:  Roger Price and Susan Northrup

Most Dependable:  Tim Fincher and Susan Parrish


Senior All Star Athletes

Kenny Robinson, Bill Archer, David Eger, Norman Marcell, Bill Harding, Bill Keesler, Rusty Porter, Joe Thompson, Scott Creveling, Joe Harding, Barry Perez, George Jackson, David Cowles, Robin Buckley, Earl Coggins, James Barber and Michael Miller